Our Journey


I’m Hamza. I’m one of the founders of Ramadan Chocolate.

Let me tell you about the journey I embarked on to creating Ramadan Countdown Chocolate Calendars…

It all started in 2021, walking around the supermarket aisle at Christmas having seen an array of Christmas Advent Calendars; I stopped and thought we should have something for Ramadan.

Here is where I kick-started my travels around the UK, gathering focus groups of Muslim families, and finding out what parents thought about the introduction for Ramadan Countdown Chocolate Calendars! The feedback was overwhelming,


“This is something our children need to get them more excited about Ramadan”

“This will help them for the future, to understand the true meaning of Ramadan”


It was clear I needed to alight the spirit of Ramadan with these products, and it had now become my mission to create an enticing, fun product to allow children to be excited about Ramadan again.

The vision… Ramadan Chocolate Countdown Calendars; children getting a daily treat, and a product to help our children improve their Deen with the aid of Islamic quizzes!

So, then I needed to find some help… I searched far and wide for a chocolatier to make my dream and the dreams of Muslim mothers come true. That is when I found the perfect match. Behold, My Chocolate Shop! I set up a meeting with the founder, a British Pakistani, and found out we shared the same vision, both wanting to create chocolate products that aligned with Muslim beliefs and values. We worked together on something beautiful, and here lies the outcome.

We launched 10 differently designed Ramadan Chocolate Countdown Calendars within 4 weeks (YES 4 weeks) just in time for the London Muslim Shopping festival 2022 (one week before Ramadan). We had an amazing response, selling out all 3000 units we had taken to the festival. The feedback on our products was astounding to hear…

We are going to make 2023 even bigger, just wait and see.

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